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Accounting Package


  • A set of special routines that allow collection of information about the usage level of various components of a computer system by each production program.
  • a piece of software that a business uses to organize its financial records.
  • Keep daily income and expense.
  • Raise invoices to the institutions.
  • Keep record of the students enrolled at institutions
  • Computation and payment of Vat
  • Handling of petty and Banking transactions.

Types of accounting software

  • Free accounting software:- It is possible to get small business accounting software for free.
  • Small business accounting software:- Small business accounting software typically provides all the basic bookkeeping features like invoicing, payroll, reporting and more.
  • Enterprise accounting software
  • Online Accounting software
    I) Talley.Erp 9
    II) Swastika Gold
    III) Factwin
    V) Finpro
    VI) Excel {Balance sheet,Bill entry & All Accouting Document Manage
    VII) Project work